Letter to Demilade: For The Voice You’re Becoming

This letter is to address the emergence of your dexterity as a writer of nonfiction— thus, you’ve not covered yourself in a gory of those condescending writers. But, it is good for you now to know the importance of your paroxysm to art; as something that is above the societal prejudice. These your stories have made me to remember the story of an English Novelist, Jane Austin ‘’ Pride and Prejudice ‘’

Well, my major concern of writing you this correspondence is to encourage your tenacity in writing those words and expressing yourself in page for someone like me to read. The last time I read such genre of what you’re currently doing was when I read an essay of Virginia Woolf ‘’ A room of one’s own’’

That particular essay spoke about the voice of a woman that was literarily in a catacomb. But, for your own seek, you’ve vividly described that essay as an avenue for yourself to speak about the style of woman, and your exposure of being a woman. I think working in advertising has reshaped you in many ways.

Although, at every point in time, being a woman is to know how to defy stereotype of things that we think are of normalcy. Or things that are vehemently becoming a venerable nexus in our society. Most especially, the way the society has told a girl to address a man or how to speak when she comes for her right— and this is inevitably wrong because our girls like yourself need to speak and to enjoy their camaraderie in good fate.

This is why I write to you that you should not stop this gesture of writing your thought. It eases boredom. Being a writer needs that you can easily express what you think is wrong—and perhaps, you can change a certain narrative of things that are predominately inconsequential in our society or such vaudeville.

As the title of this letter to you address ‘’ BECOMING ‘’ it makes me to remember the memoir of Mrs. Obama I read before I met you at White Chapel and Partners in Lagos. During those sojourns with you, I saw similarities in your arcane and hers; and this eventually made me to study you as an inquisitive copywriter.

Sometime that mysticism always made me to remember what Christopher Okigbo had written in his poem as his obeisance to mother Idoto. And I saw that in you when you told me you are a daughter of water. It showed how you react to things at work and to your fragile emotions.

In a nutshell, your work has spoken for you that you’re becoming the woman who can speak and can rejuvenate her time to things that matter. I think your new approach to womanhood will speak confidently to things you have to offer more in your literature.

Lastly, your stories are pious. They are enthralling, and certainly captivating, with your choice of words to depict your message to ladies of your class and those whose characters have been worn to things affecting them in our grappling society. These your stories are solace to them,
I wish you good writing. I’m looking forward to reading a memoir of this title ‘’I regain my virginity ‘’


Wuse 2, Abuja.

Published by Adekunle Writes

Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on https://instagram.com/adekunlewrites https://platform.linkedin.com/badges/js/profile.jsAdekunle Adewunmi

2 thoughts on “Letter to Demilade: For The Voice You’re Becoming

  1. Thank you so much for this my fellow writer friend although I had to keep a dictionary close by.
    Thank you for the push and the motivation, you’re one person who puts out your work fearlessly and I’m proud of you for that.
    Expect your memoir request soon ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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