Religion Against Humanity

The words here are not blasphemous. They are words that affect the conscience of everybody since I have had the intention to take it upon myself to write a rejoinder to an essay Wole Soyinka had written on this same title published in Granta magazine. He wrote the vividness of religion to the cross-boundary of humanity. And basically, what Soyinka had written was proven to be self-acclaimed worth, just in a sense that humanity has become a prowler.

Religion is being pronto to all sorts of proclivities that are now injurious to our mentality and the approach of human coexistence. Perhaps, we literally take it to the level that we act as bigots to all kinds of doctrinal philosophy— and it is still very repulsive that in the 21st century, many of us still believe ardently; that only religion brings us a forte of an ivy tower.

So, the war of all kind begins to emanate and thus everything we seem to think of is religion and basically, with profound gratitude— we hold ourselves to be a spurious member towards the world. Humanity is the nature that makes us understand we have a race.  Even an intermittent of life is to conjoin our faith that humanity has an impact than our patrimony. And meanwhile, we should not let that levity become a puerile act to us because in Africa we see it has something special to serve religion and to live for humanity.

It is in Africa that we have a religious lover to abhor society. It becomes a linchpin and somewhat mistrust to our coherence. I, therefore, believe that this incredulity has always found its comfort to the African mentality. However, our fear is witchcraft and voodoo. But, we fail to forget that nothing goes without its own consequence as nature has proven to us in such a way that we see reality become mien to us unexpectedly.

I read that essay written by the noble laureate and I agreed with him to some extent; on his view regarding how religion has made us go against humanity. Although, the scripture makes an emphasis on humanity because it is not just about the love of brotherhood, but, the love of appreciation that nature has stability over our thought and discretion. Not to live in a self- righteous world that is being indicted with callousness and covetousness.

And the truth is that religion is like an archetype that is profuse to a wrong subject— since terrorism is now becoming a phenomenon to the world. We saw what happened in the USA during the world trade center doomsday. That attack was about what religion had caused because being a fanatic was cohesive to societal entitlement. And the comprehensive is to terrorize the society in a violent form. Then the Al-Qaeda becomes a household that is now cultured with terrorism due to mutual acceptance and its religious appeasement or should I say a belief?

Sincerely, I feel the heaviest compulsion of my heart that we still grow religion to this level where we would forget that without humanity, nothing can be achieved. And not only that, but we still take it with ignorance that our faith lays on our sacrifice to churches, mosques, and shrines.

But we fail to know that even those who often go for pilgrimage are not lately desecrated because of the mentality leaders of those countries are destined to give— in future justification.

For example, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Ibn Salman has interestingly given his body to seek the pleasure of life.  Paradoxically, religion in Saudi Arabia is now being dominated with the justification of personal principle and we have the mausoleum of the prophet.

But, now, in that holy country, according to the belief of the Muslim, it is unacceptable that women should engage in daily activities. But now, women begin to drive cars in public even with their veil— while this social immodest was brought to that country by the Crown Prince, Ibn Salman. Truly, to any Muslim, it is not right for a lady to drive, but culturally, the female also has the right to join the benefit of humanity.

Humanity has made us know that everybody has the right.  It is also anybody’s desires and choices to act on anything. But the only thing religion has to do is to teach us the moral of faith.

Probably, many of us have discarded this and we take religion as our demigod over the consciousness of our lives.  So, mysteries begin to happen because of our spiritual emblem that has destroyed a different kind of munificence to faith, for us to conceive the world in a distressful image.

What Soyinka had written in that essay of this title is apparently— this current fault we have all over the world. Also, it is vicious; that religion has made us become morons to humanity. Of which many nations are loonies in remorse because they have forgotten that the only passport to sojourn is humanity and not by the sermon or the prayer.

It is indeed by cinematic faith we have to ourselves as people of the same ancestral. To share the love and to be attached to the same faith and to fight violators together without any kind of prejudice or malign.

This is a subject that needs to become a reaction of painful hieroglyph, to doctrine and culture. Even a kind of foreboding that creates all expectations for our little charity. But, we have seemingly forgotten that to live is not only by religion but by delivering out from the forbearance of sin through humanity.

While nature is humanity; we are created to help and to understand that human value is not besmirched. It is to be righteous.

To live a life that is worth of felicity means ablution is not by cleansing alone. It is also by understanding the fecund of life. That we all have to believe that religion is not perfect for us to live. Africa is auspicious of crime and hatred and we have the highest rate of religious mongers.

We go to church on Sunday and we detest the saying— and this is foolishness. Likewise, we go to Mosque on Friday and we still act like imperious people of war— is this not an act of wickedness? Truly, going to Jerusalem or Mecca is not that our sin will be washed away. But the fact still remains the same that we value religion than humanity.

And that is why terrorism becomes a nightmare for us. It kills us. Even in Nigeria, the Boko Haram— which means ‘’The Book is Taboo’’ has made the society to become unbearable for us. With all sorts of effluvium, and for instance, we see these terrorists as Muslim but we have forgotten that even humanity detests the killing of a human being.

Although, we still love the frantic spell that we bound on ourselves. So, religion has made us become cruel to humanity. After we have forgotten that God has created us not to become an atheist or a monotheist.

But philosophy has interpreted humanity in such a way that religion is now rank as superior, with all the obstacle that is attached, in terms of incredibility and ebullience to what it is today.

While in the churches and the mosques, the clergyman and Imams are not always preaching about humanity but what they would rather preach about is to become successful. And life is beyond success alone because that success will end here while that humanity will be hereafter.

——– Babatunde Alaran






Published by Adekunle Writes

Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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