One Year Anniversary Post: Creative Nerds do not give up!

Adekunle Writes clocked One Year Blogging on WordPress and this is our small way of saying thank you.

Do not give up on your dream, never despise your days of little beginning. Strive the more. Move up more. Stay up at midnight the more. The end shall justify the means and you will smile at the end.

So, we are endearing you to keep up with the game! And most importantly, continue to read.

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Anikulapo Macmillan

Get the f*ck with your typewriter or PC— so that your mind can flow in a time of hardship. Also, it is often said, that he once had depression. That is the fact when he writes and the writing is just as secluded as his ideas. Please, tell him to give us a break, and to write and write again. As one idiot has called him a nerd; hey, Mr. Nerd, please tell us how to muse creativity!

Should we allow him to speak? Yes, I think he is the right man to tell us what makes us to gyre the spirit of creativity. Oh, is that a long process to an artist? No, just take you through the power of consistency and determination. These are the response from Mr. Nerd.

Well, to become an artist means such an individual will be curious to understand the quality of nature and how to expose the skill to the subject that wants to be brought alive. However, it is being noticed through rigorous practice. So, you just have to hear from Mr. Nerd.

Hello, my name is Nerd; I want to tell you what makes you creative and what makes you understand that your prowess to the art is not deterred by the obstacle that you witness. Writing most especially is not as easy as we think. To not mince the wrong words in your writing is also part of the process of learning the craft.

Just the f*ck, to your typewriter or PC and begin to muse like this: I am currently musing you with my own experience and what I believe you need to know as a writer because what I am emphasising on is writing. Though, all genre of art is necessary for a creative but to paint means a lot of weirdness in you.  To be nonconformist, and perhaps to know how to describe your art in telling a superlative story— please, go ask Picasso.

Listen, every great writer begins to learn and still learn, and learn because the journey of writing is a lifetime process. Though, let me be sincere with you, the economies that are attached to writing is bad. In fact, it is terribly bad. Few writers make billion from their writing.

And if you are that individual that wants to make billions from your writing, I will encourage you to never give up. Be that as is it may; just know that you write for passion. Writing for a purpose is somewhat a reflection of the way you think and how you perceive society. It is not about the forbearance, thus, it just about the gusto you put into your writing that matters. Check out for what American-Nigerian Novelist, Teju Cole says in his letter to young writers.

First, passion is the key. It is not the money. And if you are for the money, I bet you, you will end up not writing a single word on your f*cking typewriter or PC in your front. Write for passion not for popularity because you don’t get popular with one story. You will be known through your fierce approach to writing. So, can you allow Mr. Nerd to share his experience?

Be a staunch writer like Salman Rushdie, and just write the best as Achebe, or nevertheless, write the obscurity of your voice like Wole Soyinka. That means to be like these great writers, you need to practice, practice and practice and finally, practice, till someone else who loves you tell you that you are a writer. So, don’t call yourself a writer before people start calling you a writer.

We have seen the greatest writers of all time who address themselves by their name. They don’t tell you writing is their occupation rather would they tell you they know how to write. It is their writing that speaks for them. Those who are hubristic writers end up in shithole. Let them call you a writer, just try and call yourself an emissary of words. Writing is a message that comes to those who have really prepared for it. Your preparedness matters, before people, honour you with the crown.

The creed of Mr. Nerd is that he tells us that he begins to write like someone else’ protégé. And for years, he kept his writing material in a hidden place for nobody to see; though, this selfish act is peculiar to many writers that also kept their writing material with themselves for years.

They were not confident of their writing likewise Mr. Nerd. He believes that his writing is poor because he never wanted to fail in the process. Meanwhile, in the craft of writing, you will fail and fail. That failure makes you rewrite and rewrite—and scrub out the scum of grammar in the writing; for you to give the best.

Nothing comes easy, likewise writing is frustrating sometimes— Mr. Nerd often tells us that when he writes. He said that whenever he writes, he often time has writer’s block. And when he has this issue, what he does is that he will stop writing and engage himself in a talk or reading. You too just need to find out what is good for you when you witness this fiendish spirit in your writing. Go! Leave the writing for days.

Don’t be a petulant writer. Be a writer that will enjoy criticism because this won’t also make you give up. This means that giving up will make you fail yourself and disappoint those who believe in your writing. Consistency will make you improve when you never relent. So, be the writer you want to be or the creative demigod you desire to be.

As Mr. Nerd tells us about his experience, he further says that at the time when was learning writing he faced a lot of criticism and rejection but, he told himself that, he just loves to write because he loves words. A lover of words will know the importance of writing

I, therefore, asked him: ‘’ have you made money from your writing?’’

Then he said: ‘’ No! But what writing has done to me is that it has brought the gumption in me’’

I asked him: ‘’ Are you serious about this?’’

‘’ Yes, I am serious. I am not a fanciful writer neither do I write for money. But I write because there is a spirit in me that does not allow me to rest’’

‘’ What spirit is that?’’

‘’ It is just the spirit of not failing in my writing’’

I laughed. Immediately he said this, I begin to jot line for my next poem. In fact, in his presence, I composed a poem. But, all I noticed was that he was staring at me as I was scribing my pen in my diary.

‘’ Do you write?’’ He halloed at me

‘’ NO! I am just a word speller’’

He looked at me. And he combed his beard and felt the muse of my figurativeness. He then laughed at me in a hackneyed form that I am a writer.

‘’ How do you know who is a writer?’’ I asked him

He chuckled. What came out of his mouth was just an expectant. ‘’ You have to have written like you read. A writer is someone who is also a bookworm’’ he said.

Though I am a voracious reader I don’t see myself as a writer. Even when we were having the conversation, I was holding Stephen King’s memoir: ON WRITING. Presumably, he never felt the harum-scarum of my writing; but what he did, was perhaps, to advice me.

‘’ You just have to read more and write more than you have ever read’’ he said this in an acquiescent manner.

‘’Yes, I have been reading and writing— I do the two simultaneously’’ I retorted.

‘’ So, to become the great writer you want to be or the best creative you want to just make sure you are curious about your art. And don’t give up. Write than you possibly think off.’’ He told me

‘’ Thank you for these words’’ Then, after what he had said, I never felt hauteur to him. I kept my obeisance with compassion.

‘’ You are already a writer’’ he replied me in an Elysian approach

‘’ To be a creative/ just understand the nebulousness of the society/ then, take your mind/ in a Cupid/ for you to piety your words/ like concupiscence/ in a season of hard earn/ while you bleed your finger/ on your pad/ then, you spill the god in you’’ I said these words like a poem

Meanwhile, he grinned. And he asked: ‘’ are you a poet?’’

‘’ Yes, I am a poet. The god of poetry sent me to write poetry’’ I replied

He laughed for minutes. I laughed as well. Till he told me that he is also a poet. Then we began to dissect on poetry and poets.

‘’ Now, you can see you are a creative person? ‘’ he said

‘’ I am just myself Anikulapo Macmillan who is still learning how to never give up in my creativity because this is my passion’’

‘’ Your society is bad. And this is an advantage for you to write about the incredulity in your book. Speak with your writing. Change the face of your economy with your writing and then you will get the billion you deserve— if you stay with the hardship and frustration of being a writer you are going into the sky as a laureate’’ he said.

‘’ Are you saying I can get rich like Dangote as a writer’’ I asked

‘’ Go and ask JK Rowlings’’ he replied

‘’ Who is he/she?’’

‘’ She is the writer of the famous horror book: the Harry Potter series’’

So, the conversation with Mr. Nerd has made me understand that creative nerds don’t give up on their art. They do the art with their heart that is not hiatus to none. Stay awake and to your art. Discover potential.



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Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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