Good day once again dear readers…

I’ve had this on my mind for quite some time now, so I finally decided to talk about it.

I’m sure you must have heard the buzzing stories of boys using the destiny of girls to get rich quick and buy BENZ.

The recent series of stories have me concerned and something struck me while I was thinking about the whole issue and the reactions it has been garnering.

I observed that majority of those reacting to the issues are blaming the girls for these sad happenings.

I’m actually surprised at the amount of misognsytic people (even women) in this part of the world. These days, it feels like people do not give the slightest thought to things.

Why though? Why do we prefer to blame the women, who are actually the victims – for the actions of these young boys/men who want to get rich by all means?

Why are people not blaming these individuals who have become ritualists – putting the lives of innocent young girls at risk just because they want to make fast cash?

And you’ll be surprised that there are people who go on to justify these actions with excuses ranging from how the government have failed them to loss of family or immense poverty, as if there aren’t other people going through these same problems.

Women have always wanted the best for themselves. It has always been that way. So, opting for the richer guy is not good enough reason to render the life of a young girl useless.

This also applies to the issues of rape, child molestation and the likes.
When there is a rape case, people always find a way to blame the woman. Saying things like her dress was too short, why did she drink too much, she shouldn’t be out at that time of the night.


Shame on you if you refuse to see the bigger picture. Shame on you if you choose to ignore the fact that it was the MAN who wasn’t able to control himself and had the poor girl against her will.

A lot of women have taken their own lives due to the trauma of rape or abuse they went through and many other things they had to endure; some, for years. Some are still seeing therapists, joining support groups and all sorts – just to get rid of the horrible memories.

Even though I do not agree that taking your life is the solution, a lot of people see it as the easiest way to escape the blame, bullying and judgement they have to endure all their life.

There’s one thing I’m sure of though. I’m sure that many people will not have the same opinion if the victim happened to be a close relative or friend.

So, If you’re the type that hears stories like the trending Benz stories and immediately choose to blame the victim (the girl), please STOP IT.

We need to do better as people.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 🙂

Published by KONG

Harrison is not a lazy Nigerian youth. He has passion for writing, loves art and nature.

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