Here is Lagos

by Anikulapo

In a city, of adulating, with pungent smells— nobody will tell you this is Lagos. Not even a signpost will indicate that, but gradually, Lagos will follow a procession in your activity. So, later you realize that you have discovered Lagos; then, you will become a directory to it microcosm.
The extreme edges of bus-stops in Lagos, everybody looks like a meme. They are flimsier structures in a mangy uniform; of improper affinity. Unlike, when the weather travels with its mawkish Celsius.

Unflinchingly, the city is unfolded with pain and often with an exciting condition. Nobody cares in Lagos— or guise, in a cataclysm; where everybody has an argot. It has definitely become an enchanted city to music from the blaring speakers in the metropolis.

Perhaps, nobody can understand Lagos than itself because the city has a way to control the residence with a stern. It is a city that is spawning with different people and their vulnerability. And under the dishevelling bridges in Lagos, the stereotypes live there with moan so as to squelch the city which does not live to see any ménage.

But don’t be fretful to take Lagos serious with is metonym; and you should know everybody is a victim to the quaint Nigerian Englishness that comes from the suburbs. It is a city of metaphor, and it is tilting—for an incommunicado to come to reality. You will know that Lagos is quasi and sometime it becomes strange even with the flamboyant neon.

Also when you walk in Lagos, there are puzzled smiles in everybody’s face. It is ostentatious and burlesque. And if you live in Lagos, you will definitely become herky-jerky because the spirit has no time to reiterate on past event. Every event in Lagos is singular to the way you need to live your life. It is a steadfast city that is half-submerged in stranger’s face.
So the beauty of the city is wizened. It is scornful. And sometime it is penitent to Lagosians probably because of it tumultuousness. When rain falls, it is trifle, and you can barely understand the synonym since it nuance is not a reception of fidelity. It is acquiescent. Lagos is monstrous. And it is therefore a city of stench at different locations.

And as you know, In Lagos, Saturday is for party. That is when it shows its opaque and it becomes a headlight to grandeurs; where everybody becomes a guest to an event. Events in Lagos are definitive. You will know that the perception of Lagosians is to work ardently and to have fun. It is a city of ebullience. For you to discover the city in an imperceptible way and sometime it brings a tonality to it appreciation; and the kaleidoscope remains obloquy.

You will never discover the worst part of Lagos until when the frisky girls transform their mannequin faces to the city weirdness. They are the demigods of the night with temerity. Perhaps, the city has it way of identifying possibility and it is spectre when it comes to party at night. Even the city suburban has different Red Street lights and you will see without scepticism.

Therefore, the city is an entire place at night as ladies and guys become mercenary to any kind of incident. Nobody fears Lagos than a stranger. Truly, the city is never squeaked and to sequester the city humid.

Thus, what you see in Lagos is real. It has no way to bring fake efficacy to its reality. The signposts are not for just coercion but they are for you to take as chance when you walk on the pedestrian bridge or drive. Even the plural of Lagos are for you not to be afraid but for your ability to survive. And when you get to ghettos you will see life with comfort. But stay strong and relate, since the city has it own rite. Motorists are aptly not comatose; but, they are the owners of your destinations if you want to enjoy the cosmopolitan hurly-burly.

So as the classifications of Lagos are considered to be two— and the two are not just the basic, but they are iridescent to the city, in the sense that what happens in any place is like a chaperon. But In your rapt face, you see the mainland and the island— these places are haphazardly areas for both the rich and the poor. And they are apparently part of Lagos revue. Thus, if you don’t know how to entertain at any coliseum that means you have not discovered the ounce of Lagos with it is omnibus.

‘’ Nobody sabi Lagos’’ this phrase, is not just a parlance, but a word that comes like a picaresque to Lagosians. It is the symbol of how to saunter; and how to mutter the face in Lagos, if anything seems not to correlate with the preferred aspect and condition of residing. With the noir which is for you to know how to locate these destinations from Mainland to the Island. So indeed, you will be able to identify the routes, and be humbled. It also has a way of taking you consciously to the opacity. For instance, Lagosians are officious. Somehow the outré in Lagos is to say nothing, but an awe of how to live with stress. Nobody can come and live in Lagos without knowing the importance of time.

Even the cliché, ‘’Suegbe’’ is partly, how to describe Lagos for a stranger, or somebody who orgy, when it comes to public gathering. Well, the city is not paedophile, because when a child is being kidnapped, the city becomes a motif for the parent.

However, this bizarre causes paroxysm. And you can’t come to LAGOS and owe Lagos money. That city will intently mislead you to shame as far as it may be concerned.

Although, the high-class maestro had sung about Lagos and the music is still panoply to the city and it panorama. ‘’ Monday morning, no nonsense for Lagos’’
For you who want to know Lagos, you will see, the diminutive men, in their white shroud, and promenade, the city in a sinful way. Sometime, they are photogenic with a paradigm shift; from one location to another. And you will see fanciful mongrel walking most especially, In Ikeja, Oshodi, Idumota and Agege: these areas are paranoia to stranger if you can’t work in the blistering sun. These areas have their postcards and if they are not for you that means such stranger can’t take his/her family away from the parvenu. So, you can’t come to Lagos and become a nonentity. Just be humble and work; since you know, it has a way of collecting tax.
Albeit, for whom that travel, here is Lagos: the home of hubbub. The home of hustle— the home of crime however with it exuberance. Where you have many eyewitnesses to one accident; and you will see excrement at one step to another step. That is the city that never sleeps; Lagos is here with eureka.

Published by Adekunle Writes

Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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