Time’s Slave

by Anikulapo.

It is entirely an exponent; to have understood that everything in life comes with a phenomenon. It is just an incident of occurrence but the fact is that what nature brings to us is to upheaval, so that we can reconcile our belief as human and that causes havoc.

Even time is one of the modules that causes impediment to our need and to control the idea of how we create modulation to things of essence. And often we need to know that what makes us perturbed is that we fail to accommodate our defiance. Especially, when we believe that life’s whirlwind comes with the way we live; and this means we have annihilated our conscience somehow because time is an unfortunate circumstance that holds life to ransom.

Perhaps, the commingling of time and human essentialism is that we should believe that what comes in a certain time is surprisingly an action of life; though, the pernicious event of life is that time mesmerizes us with decadence.

Presumably, the fact means that everybody needs to incinerate time from life so that we can hold a carbuncle to life; and surge with much solitude. So that we usurp the shod of time itself; in reality, and to make imperceptible outcome to the way we live our life to a better exponent.

Time itself is a misery. It is a proboscis that affects our mentality and it causes a dissipated grief to us in a way that we are not conscious of; and often time, it brings a resolution to an event, which means that we are evanescent to things that comes in a progression.

Indeed— time is retrospect; and stance, between past and present, inasmuch, it comes in an irrational way sometime. Or, let’s say, when we come to the level that our feelings are not considered then, it looks as if time has conjured to be static. Life is filled with odd. It is necessarily a component of having said; that time is not vehement to our individual fairness.

Hence, what time is all about is for us to become factitious in our approach so that we can live our life in the way we see it. And time is what we should know that comes in a form: in such a way we transpire to collide and; convincingly create a pulse to how we discover our ability or how we disgorge its debacle.

However, we should know that time is virulent to our performance and it our ideas to be optic. But, everybody who wants to live, or who wants to achieve should know that time; is, maybe, a faulty to human existence. Because, naturally, it causes a sustained restrain to how we live. In such a way, that life seems to be programmed with time. To this, God is guilty to have made life to be in such thralldom.

That moment we begin to understand that human existence needs to play life like an impresario then; we will better understand that, what time has done to us, is to enslave us to a disinterred journey. And, it will fortunately give us an impetuous hone to how we live. Its minute is disparaging.
Nobody feels to understand that time is indie; with perspicuity that, who lives the life with too much struggle is being harnessed by time. Meanwhile, time will officially mock you as a slave. What is important about time is that procrastination should be dealt with so that; time itself won’t be an emphasised reaction to how we should live life. Although, what I have seen most of all times, is that, time is spontaneous and it affects nature and the climax. It sometimes does affect human condition whenever it happens to culminate us with grief of disdain.

And when we live, we die, and time still exists. It exists to the end time. It occurs to us that we struggle for nothing because time is not the will of God. It is not an action that is meant to tackle our illusion but to bring a vitriolic possibility to how we need to live. So, everybody needs to discover the potential of time and rather not take its serious because when we take time serious; it stylishly affects our ideology and— for this, it causes a pain; in spite of how we survive to the humongous debris in our society at this time for a wretched mercenary where people die with a squealed circumstance; and youngsters fight patriarchy and matriarchy for a deem joy. Time is as useless as mad man. God I blame you!

Your kind comments are highly appreciated.

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Published by Adekunle Writes

Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on https://instagram.com/adekunlewrites https://platform.linkedin.com/badges/js/profile.jsAdekunle Adewunmi

11 thoughts on “Time’s Slave

    1. Chuckle; and thanks for reading. Time is a bastard because of how it affects human progression; and it is as stupid as anything. Firstly, the ember of which, time is being used is, not to justify working result, but it is to deliver the stress of making it a program for us, to stop, and to work. It seldom gives us this, kind of retribution, that is indeed a mirth; whenever we want to work or after working. But, let me tell you, that time is a program to reconstruct our mind to a certain prejudice. And to give us a kind of hyper productivity, like you had mentioned. But i see time is an obtuse thing to have come to mankind; because nature is somewhat seamless when it comes to human development and disintegration.

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    2. Thanks for your comment, dear Ash. We won’t utterly call time as being useless, just that how it’s used to measure our greatness and becoming a super-heoroic being is something to think about. When your age is shooting up as a female, and yet to get espoused, your parents and societal folks will start looking you in a way that TIME is not on your side. Atimes, we should just despise the realness of time and enjoy ourselves to save us from unnecessary health issues. Shalom.

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      1. Ohh I definitely agree with that! It’s nice to see someone pointing this out because time is weaponised as a tool of control and glorified, especially under capitalism. Whilst we nagivate the world using time it’s important we understand it’s limitations and question the things we associate around time. Thanks for sharing, very thoughtful peice

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  1. Awesome post yes time is very elusive it is something that we have so much of but yet so little of it’s rather a contradictory term Time belongs to those that recognize the moment awesome post angel God bless With love and light. Have a great life and mind a journey love and hugs Giggles the Poet

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