Submitted by Seye Adenle

Give him a soul mate,
Carve her out of his bone.
Not good,
he is alone.

From cradle,
her importance was clearly defined.
To Mr. Adamu,
it was pleasing and fine.

Knowing fully your true awesomeness
He could profess,
She is,
a perfect feminist.

Mere looking at the cleavage
In between your chest,
Noble men wet beneath robes
Make hasty decisions.

In your presence,
delay might be risky.
Acquiring you,
they say is pretty costly.
Men lobby for seat in your inner home.

Make you a new god,
Whose demand is very sacrosanct.
Beyond that,
Your are an enigma of impeccable virtues.

loneliness saturate your mind,
And men, treat you like rags,
In days turbulent appears as bitter leaf,
And night thicken as evil forest.
You quietly tame the feelings.

Letting no one know,
You seek redress in hope.
Make weeping not an option
Because you had outgrown a crying baby.

How come you gain mastery on maturity,
And your sensuality?
You give love in 100% ways,
Without being afraid of losing all.

The ungrateful sees this,
Call you overzealous,
Simply for refusing
To compromise your feelings.

You believe in fair dealings,
And acknowledge you have weakness.
Mrs woman!
You never seize to daze me.

Pls count me worthy,
To have one of your queens
When I-MR ego buys a mansion,
Your magic makes it a home.

You give me reason to build faith.
this universe without you,
means rigidity will radiate our world.


Flexibility would lose grip on humanity
Productivity will reduce drastically
Procreation will go into extinction
Nature will fold into moribund.

And life,will make no sense!
You are more than a complimentary gift.
You are the rhythm,that gives life a sound beat.

Moments without you would be a social disaster
Darkness all i could think of.
You are like the sunshine
that brightens my day.

True art of appreciation emerged,
Because you evolved
Compassion, empathy
and curiosity
Gives beauty in your expression.

Without your input,
Human race will be worse,
Than the beast of the jungle.
Without your presence
Anarchy will lord men’s hearts.

The scent of your body,
Is a calling so strong!
You became a mystery,
To every man who desires to know you.

You are an institution,
Even the wisest of men
Can’t graduate from.
You have the potency to break men to
The lowest.

Your hip is a weapon,
that can make a man sin,
In some cases, kill.
Your touch is the charm,
That compels an adult to lie.

misbehave to a younger girl
He says – your body is a tourist site
That, all desires to troop in.

You are a different religion!
That higher percentage of men’s populace
Worship daily worldwide,
Without knowing.

You aren’t a burden,
So do not feel guilty for your body.

Female gender!
It’s you who can make a king
go insane,
Pass wrong judgement.

The thought of your nudity,
Can render his wisdom and strength
Useless like piece of rags
No wonder Samson traded his life cheap
Burying his head in between,
Two juicy succulent laps

Blame not “Mr Mighty”
Delilah was a mystery
Beyond his reasoning.

I conclude my women,
are great
Both in spirit and physical.
My bond with them remain
Intact and very cordial

She said she doesn’t want this,
but that.

Na woman she be!

She has luxury of clothes, shoes, bags
Like a boutique
Still don’t know what to wear?

Na woman she be!

She complains,
nags, call you often and repeatedly.

You scream,

She is “too disturbing and too obsessive”

Na woman she be!

She is a replica of nature,
That neither robot nor sex doll could ever replace.

– Model: Wendy

Dedicated to all women across the globe.

Thanks for reading. I’ll like to know your thoughts about this poem😊

You can reach out to Seye Adenle via his Email and Instagram page.

Published by Adekunle Writes

Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

3 thoughts on “NA WOMAN SHE BE!

  1. This is a unit of imagery comprises of components of illustrations.. Thanks for this Bard.. You will be celebrated one day


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