THE SOULNESS OF AN EMERGING POET – Review of #31daysofpoesy

By Anikulapo

There is a kind of improvisation in poetry that needs to recuperate into another transition; and this is what, I have discovered from the poetry of this poet. Everybody understands poetry is an art that travels with aesthete so that it makes meaning to the reader and give an insight to how it is being related. However, when poetry is written from the heart; it means the poet is voluptuous with words. And it may be discovered in different terms; with the way we understand the shrewd aspect and liveliness of poetry.

With his stellar, this poet has gone beyond the genre so that he can relate his poems in perspective that will not be daunting to the reader. He consciously wrote 31 days of poesy in a voice that was firstly enmeshed. To the extent that he tried to give euphoria to words in transcendentalism; but his artistry comes to the level where he plays with his own meaning an interpretation.

When I began to read the poem, I never understood the themes because; the poet ways of writing poetry was different from the contemporary choice. For this, I was wry with the poetry. It was haphazardly not the kind of poetry I was expecting. But, subsequently, when I reread the poems I realized what the poet meant. He gave his conciseness a metaphor in the corpus.

Therefore, the poems were poems that had strong emotion as the poet wrote them to console different meanings. They were like genesis to each other in the anthology. Since the pungency of the poet came with the impetuous titles. Even as the poet has stated, these poems are milieu to confusing the mind of the poet towards his artistic growth. Thus, the lines are considered not to be adroit because he writes his mind with a sort of lucidness that would have transfigured the poems to become recognise as daily hymns for readers if possibly they are affected in the kind of poetic exuberance the poet finds himself.

For this, his poetic demeanour is totally different from other poets; for the fact that he brings exemplar to re-writing poetry in his own modernisation of the art. This is not really peculiar to poets; and somewhat, it is an irrevocable act to anybody that writes poetry for just a genre; but it sometimes an act of bringing the best in human chancery. So, this is indeed what the poet formulates in his poesy that makes it a dimensional redefinition to the poems in this anthology.
Well, when I continued to read the anthology, I realized that the poet was quintessence in such a way he wrote the poems. To me, it was like as if he had understood what it meant to be a poetic impresario. His art is not in contrast because it has indeed identified culture from these poems as crypt to poetry.

His poems are certainly simple— and, they are having profound meaning like his voice. These poems are not just an ordinary poems, but poems that talk complacence.

Therefore, the rhetorical aspect of his voice takes the reader to the level of lacerating. And what fascinates me to the poet is his subtle Englishness which is not Beowulf to his social media contemporaries. Solitude, has one of the poem implies, is a kind of defiance to the body, when the poet speaks about his greatness and the embroidery of his artistry in this anthology.
Perhaps, these poems are borne from the position of being an emerging writer who has not reached the pinnacle. Thus, I saw it as allegory; for writing and reshaping poetry with a poignant style.

Indeed, this poet is humorous; as he has taken us with childhood hymns in some part of the poems. And he has inherently shown us, that we need to be appreciative in our activities— to inevitably, give us an ephemeral of how to survival. These poems are the spontaneities that make guile to other poets; inasmuch, they write like gnomes. This poetry is colossus to other poems; for whom, they are exhilarating to the poet with ironies.

And, if poet like T.S Eliot has not been born a century earlier, he might have not made momentous contribution to the field of modernism like the one this poet is doing because he has conceptualized his ideology to a simple word; whereby the reader can relate his grief and his political dissident to their own reality.

And, if poet like T.S Eliot has not been born a century earlier, he might have not made momentous contribution to the field of modernism like the one this poet is doing because he has conceptualized his ideology to a simple word;

So as Mozart who came of age in the ninetieth century to have done classical music either— this was quixotic, that both artists began with aptitude to discover their talent in art. And, this is a paradox, to this poet, since he has discovered that, poetry should been written enormously for the intrinsic worthiness of the reader.
Either himself, or his poetry, the capacity of writing has put a vexed for transfiguration; especially when the anthology is considered as a dead prologue to the modernist poets like W.H Auden, Philip Larkin, Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath and et al.

Lastly, this anthology is a vignette that is very much compelling; for which, it has reasonably given us, a way, to write our mind as a song or as poetry. It has told us, that improvisation is a language of many genres like the poet has done with his first twenty poems. Before his voice was tramped into culture and political dichotomy; and, this made this anthology to pictured society in words
Adekunlewrites has wonderfully given us a remarkable thought for writing poetry in these social media days with being meticulous in imagination so that we can therefore write a poem as a diary. I, here, submit my paradigm to him for the sniffed avant-gardism he has given many emerging poets of his age.

You can view all the 31-day poetry as posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Your thoughts are highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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