Poverty is a deprivation from needs, want and lack. Poverty begins from the mind and the ability to conquer poverty is based on how one thinks.

Your mind is one of your greatest assets and it is necessary you manage (maximize) it wisely; you can be poor in your pocket and rich in your thinking. Thus, so many people fail to understand since poverty is not only lack of finance but lack of idea that can better one’s life.

Your mind most times controls your action. it is what a man thinks In his heart that they mostly act like. It is true that you are equivalent to your thought. Poverty of the mind is deadly to human and it can linger on for a lifetime if you do not change your mindset. You can only become who you think you are by engaging your mindset in the most positive ways.

The mind is the engine room of your thought, you can damage your mind with the kind of things you allow to penetrate. Hence, guide your heart diligently for out of it flows issues of life. Take hold of right thoughts. You can think for a change and everything will change for you.

You can be rich in your mind and be poor in your pocket which is far preferred to being poor in your mind and rich in your pocket. When you nurse your heart positively you will stand tall even at difficult situations.
It is necessary for every human to think but what you engage your mind on matters. The mind is like a warehouse where you stock perishable and non perishable goods. It is your choice, what you choose to stock in there. When you begin to think poor, you tend to shrink and automatically start acting poor, because most times we react according to our thoughts.

Being poor is not the problem but living poor and dying poor. Most people do not think beyond their situations, they are so sure that situations change the day you change your thought. Let me give you a story about a cousin of mine whose situation changed over night.

Onome was living with us after he lost his father. Every morning after our devotion, he starts his day by declaring these positive words; I’m rich, i’m rich. I’m rich in dollars, i’m rich beyond the currencies of this world… When you try to shut him down, he will not listen to you.

One day, an opportunity for a job came and that was how his story changed; he made judicious use of the opportunity because his mind was always in the direction to make it. What I’m trying to let you know is that, there’s power in the word that erupts from your mouth, through your mind. Positive declarations made daily goes a long way in making you feature in the future you picture in your mind. Try this from today and thank me later.

You can not manage the opportunity you do not prepare or plan for.
Structure your mind in the right way, think for a change; for nothing changes on its own if it is not acted upon.

Nobody is born poor or rich; when your mindset changes, your situation tends to change. You’re are the one in charge of your thoughts. The pen is in your hands to draw the picture of your life the way you want it.

Your mind can be influenced by the people you associate with on a regular basis. Permit me to say that poverty is infectious through the choice of your talking mate. But, I will urge you to make use of the positive sides of your mind. Just ask yourself these questions;

Is it possible to think rich? Yes, it is.
Is it possible to act rich? Yes, it is, if you choose to; because the choice is yours.

The mind is the seat of consciousness and sub-consciousness and what fills it determines what it produces. It controls the real you and if it really does showcase the real you then, the real you must be filled with right set of great files that has the capability to take you off to a good start, just like an aircraft. If the files contained in your mind are pirated copies, I’m sorry, pirated result which of course, will eventually crash is what will be birthed.

Aspiring to be an Engineer and reading books on Journalism is a misplaced focus and priority.

When the cloud is dark and heavy, what it brings forth is abundance of rain. Thus, the heavy cloud of the “right” positive things or negative breeds nurtured in your mind surely determines what you’d get out of life.

Life works on the law of cause and effect, what you invest into it is what you reap, so also what you engage your mind with is the type of result you’d get from it.

Again, what you picture is where you feature. If your mind is filled with pictures of you being a successful business man and you work towards it, and conscious about achieving it, it will in no time come to reality. If otherwise for example, you engage your mind in listening, reading or watching erotica, I don’t think I need to remind you of what you would harvest as a produce.

So, ensure positive vibes are the only things allowed by the entrance of your mind. Tell garbages to keep off by declaring your mind a military zone where vain thoughts that doesn’t support greatness nears not.

Remember, positive vibes only! And, I can assure you, your dream, aspirations and desires will of certainty, be accomplished if you abide by these unpaid information.

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  1. If you are born poor, I think you owe it to yourself to get out of that situation, make a better life for yourself, being born poor does not mean that you have to die poor.

    Hey, I would love to connect with you, don’t hesitate to visit my bog page, dear. Cheers! 🙂

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