KHAKI NEXUS: THE MILES (Concluding Saga) | by Adekunle Adewunmi

I know y’all are expecting me to start from the relationship saga, I’m coming over there because it will be so suicidal and catastrophic as one of my friends do say, if I manage to skip this part i’m set to intimate you about. Corpers’ Forum.

Corpers’ Forum; a radio program organised by the Editorial and Publicity CDS Group where I happen to be the PRO was the place I refined the crude of Radio Broadcasting in me. I unlearned, learned and relearned, thanks to a committed crew amongst which were Alex Gloria (now working in Aso Radio), Mary Barrah, Enwelu Sophia, Blessing Benedict, Vera Oshiomono, Yetunde Janet and our baddest editor; Ifeanyi Obi. Now, I can call myself an OAP by the virtue of grave commitment inside the heat-filled, unequipped radio studio.

Inside the radio studio

Inspite of the lack of A.C which usually made us get soaked in there, we always put on our best and ensured we went on air on Monday evenings (6pm) after our recording sessions which do take place on Fridays. We never allowed seeming situations in that place weigh us down. Our efforts also became known by the State Coordinator and she’s happy about it, even though she didn’t show us her appreciation but we’ve gotten out capacities built.

Still on the miles was a Digital Skills Training organized by my very good friend for youths in Lokoja which I happily participated as an active Volunteer. The third volunteer work right? Yea. The training sure looked like it woefully failed at our first outing due to poor attendance of participants, even when we printed fliers, distributed and shared them online which made us think we would hit it right.

Yet, we were unperturbed but strategized immediately after the first training for its next phase. It will please you to know that we moved from the disappointing 4 numbers of attendees to an encouraging number of 78 participants minus volunteers at the Federal University, Lokoja with sponsorships from MTN, AIRTEL and KOGI TASTE KITCHEN which will take us to all Tertiary Institutions in Kogi State. Peradventure, you need training on Digital Skills, you can contact Abraham David on Facebook. He’s the CEO, OneVoice Youth Initiative.

Of decisions I made was one that really shook me; a relationship. I was known to have a very close female friend who I met at the NYSC Orientation Camp. Let me call her an intelligentsia, for she’s a unique and dynamic lady with a concise future and running with it. Her dream made us grew closer and the friendship became a bond. Don’t get it twisted, we were not dating. I made sure from my own end to be caring and truthful to her, vice versa and damn, she was so amazing. I applaud her giant strides and ensured I call her to order when things aren’t being done the right way which she also greatly did. So amazing. Months passed and she went into a relationship with a nice guy which I consented to, even spoke good of the guy since he was a friend though, from distaince.

The relationship began and I was happy for her, ensuring all things went fine between both parties and yes, it was lovely! So, our friendship went sour and I couldn’t breathe. I was restless and begged her to forgive me for a decision I took to soothe her but she took it the other way round, I have my mistakes though and I won’t blame her much. This gave me a muse to write a love poem that I had never written for a long time. I wrote with despair yet, with a different language which seemed I was referring to her. See, my relationship with her was platonic but, I felt she lost trust in me and began to feel insecure around me. I was advised to draw apart from her since she may be thinking I wanted to date her as this will be the only antidote to keep my friendship alive with her. Someone you talk to everyday, freely hug and do things in common with, staying put when she arrives was not easy but I submitted. I suffered so much pain within me because none could understand what friendship really means to me. It was platonic, no strings attached, I swear! Since she doesn’t want me around her anymore, I took my grip and gazed forward. After two weeks, I moved ahead with my life, a decision I never think I could take, thanks to a yoruba brother I unveiled my plight to who made me understand certain things among which was: “when your friend is a female and she goes into a relationship with another guy, the best thing is to excuse yourself from her a bit so that she can enjoy her relationship”. Now, I’m very, very fine because I chose to ask questions and gained profitable answers. Such is life. Her boyfriend is still my very good friend and we are working to hit the big fish together.

Truth be told, I learnt a great deal of lessons being her friend, she’s distinct, and going through that torment(..), thanks to NYSC. Inspire Podcast Show is on and Inspire Media will hit you soon, just watch out y’all. This lady is a media guru, trust me!

Oh my! I’ve learnt to relate much than before with people when in leadership position as against the power drunk nature that would want to wear you like a sacred garment. Forget calling me Pastor Kunle, I wanted to miss it in this regard but thanks to two friends crucial to me; Dear Holy Spirit and Mary Barrah, from whom i learnt a lot from. In the words of the latter,”the response of people to you is determined by how you treat them. Nobody wants to be treated as a Nobody”. That struck me. Education and instructions from both important friends will of course, shape my future endeavors, with the Holy Spirit that will always abide with me forever.

I hope you are gaining some things? Because that’s the whole essence of these stories!!

Of a truth, NYSC has also avail me the chance to meet people with the vision of helping others. In WCF-KOGI is one Deborah Madu who started “Debbie’s Family” to ensure the lives of the less privileges are saved through love.

I didn’t know what she saw in me, but I was invited to the family and fell in love with the idea.

I was again privileged to be part of the first outing where we gave out to the less privileged children in her motherless babies home and I must confess, I was fulfilled.

Debby, if you’re reading this, just know that I cherish you and the family. There’s something i want people to know, “whatsoever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”.

Lol, I’m so super excited to let you guys know that I didn’t go to Lokoja in vain, I got acquainted with 2 Friends (siblings) who also speaks Yoruba language but are from Ogori/Magongo part of Kogi State but they also have their dialect.

Dorcas is behind Blessing

I met Dorcas my dear friend and Blessing her sister at the Living Faith Church’s Word Of Fait\nh Bible Institute (WOFBI) class and Blessing topped all of us as the best student. Readers please let me mutter this into your ears; Blessing is only 16 years old. I hope she didn’t hear that. Lol. Yes, I’ve promised Dorcas to attend her wedding ceremony when the invitation card is sent to me, which I know is very soon. So, I’d be visiting the Confluence State once again but this time for oil and gas.

Wait o, I only went out for oil and gas once throughout my Service Year. Life of a Fellowship leader sha! That’s by the way jàré.

For the prospective otondos and already Ajuwayas, NYSC is a golden time to redefine your destiny, don’t waste it so that the “ghost corpers” won’t make fun of being better than you. See, I never had a mentor in my life, by for NYSC. I met a man whose lifestyle i didn’t really understand but got fascinated to when I looked a bit closer. I submitted under him and Bishop Abioye‘s book on “Spiritual Apprenticeship” further helped me.

He’s a spiritual mentor, he’s Uwalaka O. Peter-Wealth and it has run from his head to the beard even to the skirt of my garment. I respect you sir. My beautiful Mama; Agbaetuo, Silvia the great woman. You were lovely and strong towards me and it has really built me. Thank you, ma.

Beneficiaries with Adekunle and the Principal. 5th girl wasn’t around when the picture was taken.

The best thing I think I ever did via the help of God, during my service year was to offload owed school fees of 3 secondary school students (4 terms each) and give scholarship to 2. It was a thing of joy for me when I later heard that one of them is an orphan and had not paid for 4 terms because education for the young is very paramount. Four corps member were pivotal as they supported towards this cause and I’m so grateful to them. Bless you guys.

Kogi CAN CHAIRMAN- Bishop John Ibenu

Meanwhile, as a Correspondent of Church Times Newspaper based in Ogun State, I wasn’t able to do much but interviewed Kogi CAN Chairman, Retiring Bishop Ikupolati of the Anglican Communion in Iyara, covered story of RCCG‘ National Overseer‘s visit to Kogi Province 3, Bishop Wale Oke‘s prayer meeting with all church in Kogi and I’m so grateful to Harrison and Shedrach who worked with me with their hearts. God bless you guys.

I’d never despise advices and prayers from my parents; Pastor and Dcns. Samson and Bukola Adewunmi, siblings (Kehinde and Testimony) and Uncle David.. Words of encouragement from Pastor Dele Akindayo, guru Gbenga Osinaike (Publisher, Church Times Newspaper). Sis Faith Fadipe, Moshood Muhammed, Anikulapo Babatunde and Adebayo Zainab (all from my Moshood Abiola Polytechnic).

Lest I forget, something striking that happened in the Bible by divine appointment, happened through me. A certain guy in the Editorial CDS became the PRO after we handed over. Again, he was the one I handed over to in WCF as the Uncle. Thus, the transfer of double portion after the order of Elijah

He’s Ndubuisi Christopher, a lad with the double. Hallelujah!

God gave me the gift of men and one of such is Reverend Tayo Adedapo. This man irrespective of his position in the NYSC Scheme, invested in young minds and I’m sure his reward comes quickly. His motivation and words of encouragement to Corps Members are just out of this world. God bless you sir.

Never forgetting my great friends and family acquired this one year; Aniebiet (only you can do, what no man can do), Harrison (most gentle yet social), Shedrach (Sagacious lecturer. Yes na!), Jude, Chukwudi (we quarrelled a lot but he’s a nice guy, giver), OJ (starboy), Uncle Adeboye. Makoolo, Joy, Angela (my black panther), Chris, Papa Newton, Mama Ruth. Everyone in WCF which I cannot mention, I’m so grateful to you all.

L -R Papa Peter-Wealth and G Papa Adejoh

Haa! G Papa Adejoh Idakwoji; the foremost Papa of WCF… Love you sir. Papa Ernest and Mama Idongesit…. You’re much honoured.

See, don’t think that it has all been smooth and rosy , far from it. It’s been full of rough edges yet, God’s been faithful.
I must confess however, how slightly unhappy I am not to complete my skill acquisition training. Please, if you’re still in service, make most of your service year and the God of peace shall be with you.
Thanks to Living Faith Church, Lokongoma, Lokoja, the Pastors and all members.
I give praise to God for a successful service year, with believe that the next phase would be great and interesting.

Good bye, Confluence City of Lokoja.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long epistle. God bless you all!!!

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Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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