Consistency: The Paycheck

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Success isn’t birthed a day. Even though luck smiles on people, the preparation they’ve made prior to that time is what will distinguish them among folks and that preparation is an embodiment of consistency, for what is worth doing at all is worth doing much better. The much more factor inserted into your drive will drive you to achieve success as your paycheck.

Success, Wishes and Destination.
Someone said it’s not a destination, another confirms it being an adventure yet, either way, it’s been described, success isn’t a factor of sycophancy neither is it a product of nepotism; when it’s a success, it’s a success. You don’t arrive at the destination of success in a day, you push forward daily to get there for uneasy they say, lies the head that wears the crown.

Virtually, everyone wishes to attain heights above the normal way, reach for the skies, claim innumerable awards and stand tall on the altar of accolades to give a speech to fellow colleagues on an auspicious event of reckoning where all the giant strides they’ve taken to attain the new height is poured.

Hmmn, it seems a good thing to just sit down in the confines of your dark room and start wishing what you can or could have become in life yet, wishers only end up losers, for their continuity in the pool of wishes will only get them drowned whereby making their chances of survival out of the ocean they’ve gotten themselves into become a myth.

Myth, yea, a myth or should I call it an illusion? Illusions that will make you travel into the dreamland of hope and lust with jealousy where a miracle is all you keep waiting for as if a magic wand can get you your success story.

Many of our colleagues while in tertiary institution prefers to enjoy themselves; partying all day, act like gangsters, miss lectures and waste away their precious time to youthful exuberance. Exam date lashes at them on the face, making them look weird among their peers; running helter-skelter to swallow the whole content of book pages into their brain in less than 24 hours to exam day. Of course, we know how some of them buy their ways with lecturers by doing the unthinkable but regret were begotten as the offspring at the face of job interviews.

Be wise with your vision.
Knowing what to do isn’t the main thing, doing it won’t even put bread on your table, it’s your ability to continually and consistently engage in it that will birth a giant in YOU. I don’t care about what you’ve been through in life, neither does your age have any role to play in this stance, my deal with you is the consistent role you keep playing in order to mount the top hill.

Coupled with the fact that a vision of your destination is key to success in life, it doesn’t end there. The knowledge of your destination remains a pest without the practical application of wisdom to secure your place in life. Wisdom compels you to be consistent in your chosen path of career/ passion for you to become a superstar, recognized for prowess in that field.

Know your WHY.
Friends, the only shortcut and way to becoming a pro In graphic designing is to keep designing daily even if it requires doing it 3 times round the clock; in as much as you know where you’re going, boredom shouldn’t catch up with you on your way to success.
Of a truth, you’d get tired, you’d feel like giving up, it will even look as if you’ve made a mistake choosing that career path but don’t be dismayed; all you need do is sit down, relax your subconscious man, take a good glass of water and remember why you started this race. Remembrance of what got you into this tournament will raise a striking consciousness that will prevent you from giving up at that point in time.
You’d need to keep confessing mighty words of a positive declaration, consistently to yourself like; I can make it and I will. If Bill Gate could, then I will succeed more valiantly. I’m a global figure and nothing can stop me from what I’ve bargained for. You see, all these words would keep you going till you attain the point where people will start recognising you for your difference and impact, till they have exhausted all reasonable doubt in acknowledging your ability and capability in the field.

Ever wonder how it feels when an employee receives his first paycheck after working for a month? The smile and excitement that greets his face won’t be capable of expressing the real inner feeling of joy. So also will be your testimony when your success comes ringing.

Consider a ladder mounted on a house building as your roadmap to success. The more you keep climbing and looking higher, the more buoyant you become of reaching there nevertheless, the more distractions come steering all around at you, lurking to bring you down. Your keen interest in that higher spot will spur you to take necessary actions to get there.

Build Resilience.
Forget not that there are so many people that don’t want you to get there; either friends or competitors. They want to pour cold water on your heart and discourage the hell out of you. If you concede to their watery bits of advice, you’d be left alone to feast on your weep and none of them will be available to comfort you, for their mission is to make you a laughing stock. The only thing you can do to shut them down, to make them congratulate you at all cost is to keep grinding, keep pushing, consistently working, aiming for perfection until you make it your lifestyle. Your lifestyle will become part of you, something you cannot do without and then, it won’t look stressful to get anymore.
So, what now? Develop your mind, heart, strength, will power that you become resilient to continue doing it until you’re recognised for your impact and distinctiveness. One day, the world will celebrate you if you stagger not.

Loathe Procrastination.
See, procrastination is an enemy of progress, it would sting you from behind and lure you into the realm of giving up; be careful, for your paycheck won’t come until you’ve been ascertained a faithful worker who has proven himself and has been proved beyond reasonable doubt.
I give no damn about the 48hours you spend doing it only to forget about it till next month. Your consistent 1 hour daily will prove the difference. Therefore, keep doing it, don’t stop working it. In no time you’d be celebrated. Congratulations to you, dear friend!

by Adekunle Adewunmi




Photo Credit: BA Times.

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Adekunle is the author of a poetry collection, 'Arise Nigeria'. A young writer, Adekunle is a correspondent at Church Times Newspaper and Contributing Editor for Interviews at OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. He's the recipient of Daily Trust Newspaper's Poet of the week, January 2019. Follow me on Instagram on Adewunmi

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