Fiction, Short Story

Lagos Bus Conversation

In the deadly traffic, I became glimmering with myself, when I saw children who ought to be in school hawking. I stared at them intensely. My eager was over hydrated. I even began to chastise my body, after which, I had seen the children. The conductor noticed my reaction, and he began to laugh ludicrously. I took a deep breath


Lagos Preacher

Last weekend, the water kept flowing into the tap, in our toilet with fury, that led to the excrement from our neighbour and thus we were sceptical about this misfortune that had become a torturous event— in Lagos in most recent time. That describes Lagos to have a preacher and congregation. It is never a… Continue reading Lagos Preacher



Wonder how you now care less about That guy or lady you promised never to remain still at their missed calls? Or you probably still feel the pain/regret/sober/delay Yesterday, I reminisced on my teenage life. I called on the cast and plot to play their roles at my call & define the lies they offered… Continue reading Termite



- To a friend (Dekunle). Once you know That poetry is loin; then You should hold to The expediency of writing. Still, I have told my inner Fecund, that I won't allow A human fiery to die. And Part of those humans is Your waxing lit. I smell the fume as incense To never be… Continue reading Psalm IVXXVC


The misgiving character of a man

By Babatunde Alaran In the first time of the New Year, It was exactly a day, we talked on our New Year resolutions, that, I discovered, that my libido was getting a grade beyond my expectation. It was that time I began to know about sexing a woman. Actually, I left my primary function in… Continue reading The misgiving character of a man



Quite uneventful life Gauntlet in sneer But a rapt stern To a vociferous livelihood Death in the scorn When hope rescinds Purveyor to an oil bean And its stillness. Both in a corrugated bar With cistern of temerity And Impulse disdain LIFE Refutes eureka Though, the new is now From a frisky lover But as… Continue reading Temptation