My friend (2)

Burdens are poisons to some hearts Healing never locate some persons until their singlets be soaked with beach proceeds that visits the bone. My friend cried 😭 when a lady like her was nailed She wept sore. Not because the lady was pure but, that she would've been taught the act of forgiveness. Burdens are… Continue reading My friend (2)

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My Friend (series 1)

In a bid to send my friend forth into another life entirely, I'd be starting a poetry series. This is to poetically lift her up as she ties the knot come 9th November, 2019. She's by name: Mary Barrah. Mary studied English Language from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Our paths crossed in… Continue reading My Friend (series 1)

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by Adekunle Adewunmi Bukola be beautiful or beauty itself a plumed maiden be nothing but a tower Bukola got heart made of gold She be daring fierce challenges hotter than fire Fair skin like Oyinbo {as in yellow & not the bleached} Bukola got too many suitors & only Samson's name she recites in her… Continue reading Bukola

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New Home

by Tunde Alaran The Night was already going home by the time Senide broke the news to us that the king had committed suicide. We all went agape. But someone like me didn’t believe him because he was fond of giving lies. He had once given us news like that; which we eventually found out… Continue reading New Home