Here is Lagos

Even the cliché, ‘’Suegbe’’ is partly, how to describe Lagos for a stranger, or somebody who orgy, when it comes to public gathering. Well, the city is not paedophile, because when a child is being kidnapped, the city becomes a motif for the parent.

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Call for Submissions

The Adekunlewrites team has started receiving poetry submissions from creatives for the maiden anthology. This anthology will be published by December which will be read and sent to the "highs" and "mighties" of Nigeria(you can help with more contacts). It will also please you to know that the best poem will receive a gift and… Continue reading Call for Submissions

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It was an abomination for a woman to give birth to triplets at that time in Yorubaland. One child must be sacrificed to the gods. One of the babies was eventually sacrificed to the gods. The other two were spared. One of them is whom I am writing about right now – Alajo Somolu.


Fatherless Nation

Dear father, help the beautiful Mother Nigeria For her efficacy is dwindling fast Robbers have looted her Treasury Where we boast of Africa's Daddy. Mother's strength has gotten struck By the Refiners and subsidy sharks Who have swallowed the returns In their pothole bellies.